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About Chet

Jeff turned his stint as a sportswriter (and lifelong Wisconsin Badgers fan) into lovably daft sportscaster Chet Waterhouse, who’s been a staple of his standup act and held down the sports anchor chair everywhere from Los Angeles’s famed KROQ radio to The Adam Carolla Podcast. Chet has a slew of ridiculous sponsors (“Throwbacks: The eCigarette you light with a match!”) and bad analogies (“That kid’s harder to catch than a glimpse of your neighbor’s wife naked!”)

Shaq listening in...

Chet now hosts “Play With Pain!,” a hilarious podcast on PodcastOne/Apple Podcasts featuring both sports people (Bob Costas, Rich Eisen, Martellus Bennett) and show biz folks (Kathleen Madigan, Dennis Miller, Danny Trejo).  The character owes a debt to the late great Earl Gillespie, voice of Jeff’s beloved Badgers when they were horrible. Actual Gillespie call: “Illinois kicks off, Jackson under it for the Badgers at the five - churning, spinning DRIVING to the six!” …an inspirational way to describe someone falling down.

Drink with Chet

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