Jeff Cesario 2018

Aug 23
Comedy & Magic Club
Los Angeles, CA
Studio City, CA
'Locally Grown'Nashville, TN
Acme Comedy Co
Minneapolis, MN 

8/21/19 - 48 Minutes

Chet and Pollak.jpg

Great actor/comedian Kevin Pollak (from “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” which has won everything but the Heisman) joins Chet on the Feb. 6 “Play With Pain!” and gives an impassioned Super Bowl halftime speech to the bumbling LA Rams… as Albert Brooks.

Gotta hear it to believe it. Also, the shortest, and best Pop Quiz EVER.

Woody Paige

Sportswriting legend WOODY PAIGE reveals a connection to Elvis that may be stronger than Ann Margret's! (And, who the Broncos are looking for at QB)

Chet's Special Simulcast

Chet gets a pay gig calling the Over 65 Lumberjack Games and it is a 17 minute Roller Coaster baby!!

8/14/19 - 21 Minutes

The incredible Eric Roberts talks up his new project "La Reina del Sur" and causes the first-ever Chet spit take, how's THAT for comedy chops?